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Pharmacy Services


Erectile Dysfunction

An effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is now available without a prescription.

Our pharmacists have undertaken additional training and are now able to dispense an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) without a prescription.  This treatment is only available to males with ED, between 35 and 70 years of age,  who don’t smoke and who are in good health. The consultation also involves a blood pressure check. 

One of our pharmacists will work through a series of questions with you in our consulting room to ensure the treatment is suitable for you. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.  If you feel more comfortable talking to a male pharmacist, please feel free to ask to speak to one.  We have a male pharmacist available for consultation on most days.

If appropriate, you will then be able to purchase an effective ED treatment without a doctor’s prescription.  The ED treatment now available at Gilmours Pharmacy– without a prescription – is Silvasta® (sildenafil).  This medicine is also available in New Zealand as Viagra®,  and Avigra.

Once you have undertaken this full assessment, you will be able to continue to purchase Silvasta® (sildenafil) from Gilmours Pharmacy for a further 12 months – if you have no change in health.  After 12 months another full assessment will be required.

Urinary Tract Infections

For Urinary Tract Infections, often referred to as cystitis or bladder infection, contact Gilmours Pharmacy for advice and treatment options. Urinary Tract Infections can cause women considerable discomfort and our accredited pharmacists are now able to offer effective treatment where appropriate. You have a confidential discussion with the pharmacist in our private consult room where they will work through a thorough checklist to ensure certain criteria are met before supplying the medicine. The treatment, a three day course of trimethoprim 300mg tablets, is available to women between the ages of 16 and 65 who are not pregnant and who have not taken a course of antibiotics within the previous six months. 

No appointment necessary. 


Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP)

Contraceptive failure or having unprotected sex can be a stressful situation. The risk of pregnancy can be reduced by taking the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP), and is most effective the sooner it is taken. An accredited ECP pharmacist is always available at Gilmours Pharmacy to offer a confidential consultation to see if the ECP is right for you. No appointment necessary. 

Southern Cross Easy Claim

What is Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim?

Easy-claim is a process which aims to simplify claiming for Southern Cross Health Society members.


Currently, members need to fill in a Southern Cross claim form to be reimbursed for services they have received (according to benefits they have in their policy and eligibility criteria). These forms are then processed and paid - it can be a be time consuming and lengthy process.


In conjunction with Toniq Limited, Southern Cross delivers a solution which provides an electronic and easy process for Southern Cross members to claim for their prescription items (hence the name 'Easy-claim').


With Easy-claim, when Southern Cross members use certain services (eg. obtaining medication from Gilmours Pharmacy), by presenting their Member Card, Gilmours Pharmacy will be able to send a claim electronically to Southern Cross, on the members behalf, and have it paid while they wait (depending on their eligibility to claim for the service involved).


This means the claim they would normally receive from Southern Cross is paid directly to Gilmours Pharmacy, and the Southern Cross member is only required to pay the remaining balance (if there is any amount remaining).


Southern Cross Healthy Society is the first insurer in New Zealand to launch electronic pharmacy claiming to it's members.


What are the key benefits?

  • Southern Cross members can claim for prescriptions at the time of purchase
  • No claim forms, member is not 'out of pocket' for eligible claims
  • The claim can be processed immediately in most circumstances and the health provider will be paid directly by Southern Cross if the claim was approved (cashless process)


What does this mean for Southern Cross members?

  • Simple and efficient claiming at the time of purchase
  • Hassle free electronic claiming - no manual claims to submit
  • Southern Cross members can take advantage of a benefit that they may have forgotten to claim for in the past
  • Increases the visibility of their policy (and benefits) and the value it adds to their daily lives


Bring your card in today and we'll enter your details to make claiming easy. 







    • Michael Marneros

    Compliance Medicine Packing

    Organising Your Medicines

    For patients who have trouble managing their medicines or remembering when to take them, we offer Medico Pak or Sachet Roll compliance packing. We can organise your medicines into calendar packs so that you take the right dose of the right medicine at the right time. Talk to any of our staff about managing your medicines.

    We offer a complete Medicine Utilisation Review service to help you organise and understand your medicines. Make an appointment for us to visit you at home or to bring in all of your medicines and one of our pharmacists will help you with your medicine problems and concerns. This is a government-funded service with no patient costs. If you feel you would benefit from this service please contact us to see if you are eligible.

    Sachet Roll System

    The Medicine Sachet System is an excellent way to easily manage your medicines.

     Making sure patients get the right medication at the right time.

     Each sachet clearly displays your vital information, is perforated for convenience and comes in a handy dispensing box.

     Your medicines are conveniently packed in to the sachets at the appropriate dose times and each individual dose is labelled with your name, dose time and the medicines taken at that time.



     They are great for:

    • Making it easier to remember to take your medicines
    • Customers on multiple medicines, or a complicated regimen
    • Travelling
    • Safety, all of the medicines are in one place and can be easily stored


    Benefits of Medicine Sachet System

     Can be done weekly or monthly to suit your needs.

    • Convenient, easy to use and easy to open packaging.
    • Tailor dose times to suit your busy lifestyle and optimize your medicine regimen. Not limited to four dose times per day – it is a very flexible system (allows up to 9 dose times per day).
    • Convenient to organise medications for travelling.
    • Co-ordination of changes to the medication roll.
    • Written medicine information available on request.


    Medico provides an alternative form of packing allowing the client to see exactly what doses are due. 

    Each Medico Pak is packed by your pharmacist according to your individual prescription so you can trust that your medication dosage is accurately and correctly dispensed.

    With Medico Pak...

    • Your medication for each day is packed in one easy-tear strip if you need to take it with you.
    • Details printed on the back of each pottle allow you to check when your medication is due.
    • Quickly see if you have taken your medication by the number of empty pottles used.
    • Instructions are clear and easy to read, avoiding confusion.
    • Errors are minimised with each dose correctly packed and labelled.
    • No bulky bottles or packets to carry around.
    • Pak Popper and Magnifiers are available if needed - ask your pharmacy.


    Make an appointment with our team to discuss medications, how our systems work and how we can help you manage your medciations. 

    Warfarin and INR Monitoring

    Warfarin & CoaguChek

    Free INR testing and warfarin management

    Do you take warfarin?

    • Would you like Gilmours Pharmacy to help you manage your warfarin treatment?
    • Would you like your INR to be measured with a finger prick of blood instead of a laboratory test?
    • Would you like you INR results within 5 minutes of having you blood test?
    • Would you like to know your warfarin dose instantly instead of waiting all day for a phone call?
    • Would you like a printed calendar illustrating your warfarin dose to take home? 




    The CoaguChek meter requires less blood and is therefore less painful than a venous blood sample. The results are as accurate as a lab based venous sample but are available much faster.

    INRonline is a dosing software package designed by Palmerston North Haematologist Paul Harper. It uses a special calculator to work out what dose of warfarin is required to maintain a good INR range. The programme can be accessed by the pharmacy, GPs and patients.

    Every patient will also receive a comprehensive warfarin counseling session with one of the qualified pharmacists to ensure they have a good understanding of warfarin. You will get a handout covering all the important information to remember about warfarin to take home.


    Regular blood tests

    Everyone on warfarin needs to have regular blood tests. The blood test, known as an INR (international normalized ratio), measures the speed of blood clotting. The INR result should be somewhere between 2 and 4 depending on why you are taking warfarin.

    The INR result will help us decide what dose of warfarin you should continue taking. It will also help us decide how often you need to have the blood test done. 

    • On the day you are due to have your next blood test, you would visit the pharmacy 
    • A finger prick blood test can be done at anytime between 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri.
    • Using the CoaguChek meter a trained pharmacist will measure your INR level.
    • The INR result will be entered into the INRonline software.
    • If a dose adjustment is required you will be told immediately and a new dosing calendar printed.
    • All results are automatically transferred to your file on your doctor’s Patient Management System and to the national storage repositories for laboratory results.
    • The entire process is expected to take about 5-10 minutes.


    If you are interested in Gilmours managing your INR tests we will need consent from your GP and from yourself. Come in and chat to our team about this FREE service.