PreKure Me - Reboot your health in 21 days!


We've had a great response to the PreKure challenge that starts on Monday 2nd September.

The biggest question we've had is "Is it all about weight loss?"  The short answer is NO! 

The aim of the PreKure Challenge is to focus and discipline ourselves for a short period of time to give our wellbeing a boost. The 4 different ways of eating are all aimed at reducing our intake of processed food and sugar - that is to go back to eating food that is more natural, lower in carbohydrate and with a higher nutrient value. It also encourages us to stop snacking, exercise daily and learn some core values around healthy and mindful eating.

Why? Its all about insulin resistance and chronic disease. High carbohydrate raises our insulin levels. Prolonged high insulin levels are directly implicated (by good science) to damage in almost every organ and system in the body - increasing our risk of many illnesses including diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, dementia, chronic inflammation, cancers and more.

How do I start? Sign up for the challenge and download one of the 4 guidelines on what foods to eat/avoid - Mediterranean, Vegetarian/Flexitarian, Low Carb Healthy Fat or Keto. This is a great way to trial a change of lifestyle.

If you find that the challenge improved your wellbeing - you have more energy, maybe lost a little weight, can think more clearly then we can help you to adopt a new lifestyle for long term health.

We have loads of resources - one of my favourites is the "Ditch the Carbs" website run by a very clever NZ Pharmacist Libby Jenkinson. Check out their "Free 5 day low carb meal plan" and "how to start low carb kids" so the whole family can get on board. This website offers Meal Plans, Carb Counters, video tutorials and so much more. With over 1 million visitors per month its one of the top low carb sites.

Personally I have followed a low carb healthy fat lifestlye for 18 months and function better, feel more energized, maintain a better weight (nice little side effect) and have less aches and pains. Over the next few weeks we'll talk over any of the questions you raise. Don't be shy - send us your questions or your own experiences - we'd love to hear from you.


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  • Liz Dixon