Human papillomavirus vaccine [HPV]

HPV immunisation protects you against nine types of the human papillomavirus. Certain types of this virus can cause cervical cancer. This is one of the most preventable of all cancers.

The HPV vaccine is most effective if you get it before you start having sex or any sexual contact, however it is still worth getting immunised even if you have started having sex.

Criteria for funding:

Any of the following:

  • Maximum of two doses for children aged 14 years and under; or
  • Maximum of three doses for patients meeting any of the following criteria:
  • People aged 15 to 26 years inclusive; or


  • People aged 9 to 26 years inclusive
  • Confirmed HIV infection; or
  • Transplant (including stem cell) patients: or
  • Maximum of four doses for people aged 9 to 26 years inclusive post chemotherapy
  • Varicella zoster vaccine [Shingles vaccine]
  • Funded for patients meeting the following criteria: Two doses for all people aged 65 years - if the first dose is given in the 65th year then the second dose can be given at 66 (6 months apart). First dose MUST be given in the 65th year, otherwise non funded.