Conjunctivitis in children – 3 months up

Conjunctivitis (pokenga whatu) is a common eye condition that affects both adults and children. It's an inflammation of the protective membrane that lines your eyelids and the whites of your eye (conjunctiva). It can be caused by:

  • a bacterial infection
  • a viral infection
  • allergies or something irritating the eye.

Treatment depends on the type of conjunctivitis. Traditionally for bacterial eye infections, pharmacists are able to supply antibiotic eyedrops or eye ointment for adults and children over 2 years old. Our trained pharmacists can now treat children from 3 months up. It is important the person with conjunctivitis comes into the pharmacy for a consultation. Our pharmacist will then assess the condition of the eye and determine which treatment is most appropriate.

Non Funded Chloramphenicol Eye Drops or Ointment $19

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Disclaimer - These medications are supplied under Standing Orders, supervised by a registered medical practitioner. You must complete a consultation with our pharmacist to access these medicines.