Erectile Dysfunction

Silvasta Erectile Dysfunction Gilmours Havelock North Pharmacy

An effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is now available without a prescription.

Our pharmacists have undertaken additional training and are now able to dispense an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) without a prescription. This treatment is only available to males with ED, between 35 and 70 years of age, who don’t smoke and who are in good health. The consultation also involves a blood pressure check.

One of our pharmacists will work through a series of questions with you in our consulting room to ensure the treatment is suitable for you. This process takes approximately 10 minutes. If you feel more comfortable talking to a male pharmacist, please feel free to ask to speak to one. We have a male pharmacist available for consultation on most days.

If appropriate, you will then be able to purchase an effective ED treatment without a doctor’s prescription. The ED treatment now available at Gilmours Pharmacy– without a prescription – is Silvasta® (sildenafil). This medicine is also available in New Zealand as Viagra®, and Avigra.

Once you have undertaken this full assessment, you will be able to continue to purchase Silvasta® (sildenafil) from Gilmours Pharmacy for a further 12 months – if you have no change in health.  After 12 months another full assessment will be required.