Phiten Explained

Phiten's unique technology

All Phiten products incorporate a novel form of technology that involves metals broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. This process underlines the technologies of a variety of unique materials we possess.By utilising the property of each material to their maximum capacity, we are able to realize customers’ potentials in a variety of ways, leading to the restoration of the body's normal state of relaxation.This technology is therefore able to provide us with the support for a more comfortable daily life.

Phiten succeeded in dispersing microscopic titanium particles in water. Titanium is known to have superior bio-compatibility. AQUA TITAN is embedded into every strand of fabric, and simply by wearing it supports regaining the inherent relaxed of body and mind.
A material dispersing microscopic gold particles in water. It has been said that a function of gold is that it smooths neural transmission. AQUA Gold, also excellent in permeability, is applied to a variety of products including "AQUAMIRUM G", a preferred drinking water of a number of top athletes
A material dispersing microscopic silver particles in water. Silver is an excellent material for antibacterial action. By replacing antiseptic agents with this material we are able to exert superior bacteriostatic effects.
A material dispersing microscopic palladium particles in water. Palladium is known as a material with antioxidant functions. Te material is applied to the daily-use "Phiten DAY FIT" supporter series.

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What are the benefits on the body?

The benefits one may experience from Phiten’s products are:
  • Help improve rate of recovery from fatigue and muscle strain
  • Help prevent injury through reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility
  • Help enhance ability to perform at optimum level, by reducing fatigue and tension
  • Help manage pain and mobility for joint and muscular problems

 What strength should I use? 

A commonly asked question - in general regular strength dots or tape are designed for joints or pain that is near the skin surface. The X30 dots are for deeper joints such as shoulders, hips, and back pain or for damage that is well established or structural. There is no harm in using higher strength dots. You should apply the dots as indicated in the following chart - apply to areas of pain or tension, as well as motor points as indicated. If a new point of pain arises then pop another dot on it. Sometimes pain can "move" as we release muscle tension in one area, it allows the original area of pain or damage to be more clearly identified. 


Application Points