Medical Vita Diet Weightloss Programme

In 1987, Vita Tech launched the Medical Vita Diet, which is based on the ‘protein sparing modified fast’, designed by doctors as a highly successful treatment for obesity *. Obesity was regarded as a serious medical condition in 1987 and the Medical Vita Diet was initially supplied only through medical centres under medical supervision. This weight loss program is extremely user-friendly, which helps explain its huge popularity over nearly three decades.

The MVD supplements can be taken as a nutritional meal or snack. *


To lose weight simply follow the 5 Simple Steps in the Usage Guide.

1. Have two MVD shakes, soups or bars daily, preferably at meal times.

2. Prepare your main meal from the allowed list.

3. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day (including herbal teas)

4. Exercise for 30 minutes a day – walking is fine.

5. Take a multivitamin tablet each day.

NOTE: Record your weight and measurements in your usage guide.

The first few days can be unsettling as your body adjusts to less food and enriched nutrition. Stick with the program and after a few days you will feel amazing. *


MVD DIY Starter Pack

What is the best way to get started?

The best way to start is with the DIY STARTER PACK 

The DIY Starter Pack contains:

1 x Mixed Shakes Box, 1 x Dr Holloway’s Guide to the MVD & Recipe Book

1 x Body Tape Measure, 1 x MVD Usage Guide & Eating Plan

Plus Free 1 x Vita Diet 500ml Plastic Shaker 1 x Chocolate Mousse Dessert



Vita Diet Starter Pack ContentsVita Diet Starter Pack Bonus Material

Read the book before you start and then study the usage guide. Carry this with you while shopping and ensure you stock up on the suggested foods. Your food bills will drop as you won’t be buying expensive processed foods. You’ll find yourself doing a tour of the supermarket in the outside lanes,  picking up fresh or frozen vegies and fresh meats, chicken and fish.


Why Medical Vita Diet Really Works

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. When excess carbohydrates are consumed however, the excess is stored as fat. These fat stores increase if the intake of carbohydrates continues to exceed the body’s energy needs. This results in weight gain.

Conversely, when the intake of carbohydrates is reduced to the extent that it is insufficient for energy needs, the body will turn to its stores of fat as an energy source. This results in weight loss. Once you start burning fat your body releases ketones which are a highly efficient form of energy. These ketones can be measured using the new “Vita Diet Ketone Sticks” to ensure that the fat burning process is safe and optimal.  (See chapter on Ketosis in Dr’s Guide)

Vita Diet Ketone Test StripsVita Diet Ketone Sticks

The Medical Vita Diet eating plan provides a moderate way of achieving a reduction in carbohydrates and resultant weight loss. *

Foods high in carbohydrates like cakes, lollies, bread, biscuits, hamburgers and french-fries are excluded. The diet focuses on proteins, including lean meats, fish, and chicken and unlimited vegetables, excluding the starchy ones.

The weight loss plan excludes certain important food groups including multigrains pasta and high GI fruit and so to fill this gap, the body’s nutrition is fully balanced with the intake of two highly nutritious Medical Vita Diet shakes, soups or bars a day. These contain moderate levels of low GI carbohydrate, complete protein (containing casein and whey) and around 50% of all 16 essential vitamins and minerals. In addition the Medical Vita Diet formula contains minimum additives and no artificial sweeteners or colours.

The success of this program lies in the fact that the shakes, soups and bars are not only of the highest quality,  they are also delicious. People enjoy having them which ensures that they receive the right nutrition and their bodies therefore readily relinquish fat stores. *


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