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Discover the powerful interaction between your genes, diet and lifestyle choices to meet your personal health goals. Your personalized Health and Wellbeing genetic profile report is an in-depth analysis of the genetic variations that can influence the way the body responds to what we eat, how we exercise and the way we live.


The program is based on the science of Nutrigenomics and how our genes are influenced by our nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Scientific evidence tells us that our genes are not static, but in fact responsive to the choices we make, which impacts on how effectively they ‘express’ themselves. Gene expression is a way of explaining how we feel in terms of our wellbeing and how effectively our bodies function. A simple non-invasive saliva sample is analysed and returned to you as a personalised genetic profile.


We are able to take a holistic approach to addressing your genetic profile. We reveal what nutritional supplements will benefit you the most, the best choices of foods to consume and the type of exercise that will have a positive effect. This effectively eliminates any guesswork around what will work for you as the treatment plan is based on your own genetic profile.



Personalised genetic profiling


Personalised genetic profiling offers profound insight into how your body responds to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Our accredited Fitgenes Practitioner, pharmacist Liz Dixon,  interprets the results of your profile report and converts the information in to programs for actionable, everyday health and wellbeing. We can offer you the potential to be the best you can be.

Our approach is based on the science of nutrigenomics which looks at the interaction between your genes, nutrition and lifestyle choices, and how these influence the genes’ messages. These messages instruct your body on how it should respond to external influences such as diet and lifestyle choices.

The good news is expression of the genes analysed by Fitgenes is modifiable which means our genes are not our destiny.

Effectively, how your genes are reacting to external factors is analysed and reported on, and a plan to address any negative reactions prepared, based on your unique genetic profile and needs. Learn how to enhance your good genes and turn down the less beneficial genes.

Gene Categories Analysed

Fitgenes analyses a select range of genes that are key influencers of your general health, wellbeing and performance.

Discover your health potential

Unlocking your genetic potential is easy. Learn your results and get started on your health and wellbeing plan. Tests 58 genes in total. 

Learn more

If you want to understand more about Nutrigenomics we have a great little book pitched at a level that most clients can understand.  This gives a good explanation on how we can influence our genes and ultimately our long term health. 

Switched On – Harnessing the Power of Nutrigenomics to Optimize Your Health.

Christine Houghton (Nutritional Biochemist) Click here



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